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Paying for services "one at a time" is a great way to go if you have just one or two errands or tasks you're needing done immediately but aren't expecting to use our services repeatedly in the future.  This is an economical option for both individuals and families that only need a little extra help for one to four hours.  The rate for paying for services in one hour increments is $35/hour.




Our "punchcard" pricing option is a great option for anyone who plans on using our service at least 5 times or more during a 90-day period.  It works like it sounds:  you pay for a "punchcard" of 5 total hours of services in advance  The services rendered can vary depending on your specific needs and our offerings and availability.  "Punchcards" cost $150 or $30/hour.



This payment option is best for families or professionals that use our service on a regular, monthly basis.  It is our most economical option to maximize savings on our services.  It also secures your account on our priority list during peak busy seasons to ensure your projects and tasks are scheduled and completed in your routine slot.  The "monthly retainer" option is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time prior to the beginning of the following month.  Rates start as low as $100/month for 4 hours of service per month or $25 per service hour.

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We accept credit, debit card, or bank draft payments through PayPal.  You will receive a detailed invoice after your service is rendered and only pay if your job is completed to your satisfaction.  

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